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Peachtree City, GA’s Trusted Orthobiologics Specialist

Peachtree City, GA’s Trusted Orthobiologics Specialist

No matter what part of your body ails you, orthopedic pain places limitations on your life that no one should have to tolerate -- but taking that first step toward a diagnosis and treatment can be scary. A number of questions can come up in your mind: How invasive and risky will my treatment be? How expensive? How do I find an orthopedic specialist in Peachtree City who not only provides the most advanced techniques in the field, but has my best interests in mind?

Dr. Trevor Turner is a board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician who specializes in orthobiologics solutions like PRP. Instead of centering treatment around what you can’t do, Dr. Turner’s approach enables you to get back to things that mean the most to you, as quickly and effectively as possible. His commitment to a minimally-invasive approach has allowed his patients to reduce the need for surgery by 50%. That said, Dr. Turner is proud to be a part of the orthopedic surgical team at Georgia Bone & Joint, which enables him to incorporate your orthobiologics treatment into your surgical treatment plan if surgery is ultimately the best option for long-term recovery.

Dr. Turner has also completed advanced certification in diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound, allowing him to better diagnose injuries that other test may have missed and to perform state-of-the-art, image-guided procedures to place orthobiologics solutions into damaged tissue to help patients recover function faster with lower risk. All of the procedures Dr. Trevor Turner performs are processed by an experienced technician with Greyledge Biotech to ensure FDA compliance, and he’ll stand with you at every step of your recovery. His team offers cutting-edge rehab therapies -- including blood flow restriction therapy -- that you won’t find elsewhere in the Southern Metro Atlanta area.

With a focus on long-term cellular health, Dr. Turner founded Precision Medical Fitness, a data-driven exercise physiology practice to help you push the limits of individual human performance. With a belief in total wellness and lifelong health, Precision Medical Fitness combines personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance with cutting-edge preventative and restorative orthopedic techniques to optimize your longevity. Dr. Turner has completed EXOS, National Strength and Conditioning, and CrossFit Level 1 certifications, to further refine his approach: Exercise Is Medicine.

If you’re ready to find relief and reach your full potential, don’t wait another second. Reach out to us and schedule your appointment with Dr. Turner today.

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Orthopedic pain can stop your life in its tracks. If you're ready to find relief with a doctor that is passionate about getting you back to the activities you love, get started with Dr. Turner today!

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