At the Center for Regenerative Orthopedics at Georgia Bone and Joint, we offer the full spectrum of Orthobiologics including prolotherapy, viscosupplementation, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and Bone Marrow derived Stem Cell (BMAC) therapy. These therapies can help patients recover function faster with less pain and lower risk as a substitute for surgery or sometimes in combination with a surgical procedure to improve long-term outcomes. 

What things can stem cells help?

Common examples of conditions that can benefit are arthritis of the shoulder, hip, and knee, avascular necrosis, muscle strains, muscle tears or partial ruptures, labral tears, meniscus tears, slow healing or non-healing bone fractures, cartilage defects and osteochondral injuries, moderate to severe ligament sprains, lumbar degenerative disc disease, radiculopathy/sciatica, and plantar fasciitis. Commonly treated tendon injuries include the rotator cuff, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, gluteus tendons on the outside of the hip/trochanter bursitis, quadriceps and patellar tendons, and Achilles tendons.

FDA Compliant Cell-Based Therapies

All of our treatments comply with the FDA's recommendations meaning we use only your own body's cells (autologous) in a same-day outpatient procedure that are inserted directly back into the problem area that causes the pain or dysfunction. We do not alter these cells in any way, but we do pack them into a small area by using a special tool called a centrifuge. As part of our commitment to advancing the science of the field, we analyze the contents of every injection our patients receive, and we track our patients' outcomes over time in a data registry so that we can best customize our procedures for each individual. With our on-site state of the art laboratory, we offer a true 'bench to bedside' practice, combining the best basic science with the best practicing physicians.

Finding the Best Provider for Biologics

When choosing a regenerative orthopedics provider, it is critical to know what makes your doctor best qualified to offer you these advanced therapies. Look for a physician with advanced certification in diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound. Not only do these physicians deliver the most precise image-guided injections, but they also have enhanced skills to diagnose problems more accurately (looking an area of pain with ultrasound while the patient performs the hurtful movement) that cannot always be seen on an MRI. 

Additionally, look for a physician who functions as both a clinician and a scientist, one who has completed the COLA Lab Director training curriculum. Finally, look for a specialist who has trained with the best in orthopedics and sports medicine. After 4 years of refining his skills at the Andrews Institute, a site with multiple clinical trials for applications of PRP and Stem Cells, Dr. Trevor Turner RMSK is proud to offer the latest state of the art treatments on the cutting edge at the GB&J Center for Regenerative Orthopedics.

World Class Physical Therapy

Finally, the patients with the best results often combine their procedures with the most innovative physical therapy. Not only does GB&J boast the largest physical therapy gym in the southern Greater Atlanta Metro Area, but it offers the newest techniques including the Delphi venous Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) therapy. This is one of many examples of how we can boost muscle growth to improve recovery after a procedure. All of our care is highly personalized with 1:1 ratio of therapists to patients. Do not settle for an experience where your therapist is treating you with 3-4 other patients at the same time. 

Book your consultation for regenerative orthopedics online today at, to find out whether BMAC stem cell therapy can help you to restore the best version of yourself. Are you coming from out of town? We are less than 30 minutes from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. We are happy to send a professional staff member to meet you with your pre-arranged medical itinerary to arrange for private transportation at your convenience. 

How Georgia Bone & Joint Can Help

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