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Peachtree City. GA’s Trusted Orthopaedic Hip Doctor

Orthobiologic & Orthopedic Specialist For Hip Pain 

Our hips are vital to the foundation of our bodies, and they allow us to move in the ways that make us human. When our hips become damaged, deteriorated and painful due to injury or the wear and tear that comes with age or overuse, the symptoms can begin to have extremely detrimental effects on our ability to do all the activities we love. If left untreated, hip pain can even make it nearly impossible to squat down to pick things up, transfer in and out of a car, and even simply make it through a regular day.

If you’ve been living with hip pain, the orthobiologic solutions offered by Dr. Trevor Turner may be able to help. Using state-of-the-art technology and a committed minimally-invasive approach, Dr. Turner has been able to reduce his patients’ need for orthopedic hip surgery using regenerative treatments for chronic hip pain such as platelet rich plasma injections. Should you ultimately require surgery for long-term relief, Dr. Turner has the experience and partnership with Georgia Bone & Joint to incorporate regenerative medicine into your treatment plan for a quicker, less painful, and more effective recovery. 

No one should be sidelined from doing what they love because of chronic pain in their hips. If you’re curious about the orthobiologics offered by one of the best orthopedic knee specialists in Peachtree City, keep reading to learn more, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Turner with any further questions. If you’re ready to try regenerative medicine and find relief with the least invasive treatment possible, don’t hesitate -- reach out to us and schedule your first consultation appointment today. 

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Advanced Diagnostics for Hip Pain - Peachtree City, GA

Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Assessment of the Hip

Your journey toward relief and long-term recovery from hip pain begins with a diagnosis. Dr. Turner’s musculoskeletal assessment process uses dynamic ultrasound scans to provide a more accurate, comfortable and cost-effective diagnosis than a traditional MRI. In addition, this superior diagnostic tool comes at a fraction of the cost of standard, conventional diagnostic techniques.

Unlike MRI, an ultrasound scan gives a moving picture of the tissues that stabilize your hips. This allows Dr. Turner to spot other irregularities that may be missed using traditional diagnostic pictures where the patient lies still. This process takes just 3-4 minutes and costs 90% less than a typical MRI. 

While ultrasound is an incredible tool, orthopedic conditions of the hip involve the bone as well as the cartilage. That’s why Dr. Turner employs a fluoroscopic exam when necessary. A fluoroscopic exam involves an x-ray which revolves around your entire body, allowing Dr. Turner to address the areas of your hip that ultrasound cannot see beneath the bone. 

Additionally, Dr. Turner uses fluoroscopy during orthobiologic procedures involving bone marrow cells. This allows for greater accuracy and a significantly smaller margin of error when placing cells into the bones inside your hip.

Nonsurgical Treatment for Hip Pain - Peachtree City, GA

Platelet Rich Plasma Specialist for Hip Pain

Dr. Turner is highly experienced in providing platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, which can help patients avoid invasive surgery for a wide number of injuries and conditions of the hip.Platelet rich plasma is full of naturally occurring growth factors found in your very own blood, and PRP therapy uses this plasma to stimulate your body’s foundation for recovery.

During a PRP session, Dr. Turner will draw your blood. He will then send it to our onsite laboratory where an expert technician will use a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma from this blood sample. Dr. Turner will then reinject that plasma into your hip at the affected site, giving your hip a natural boost for longer-term improvement in function. This process also helps to reduce inflammation, providing relief from hip pain with less downtime than traditional surgery. 

Dr. Turner recommends PRP for the following orthopedic conditions of the hip, and more:

Bursitis aka Gluteal Tendinopathy
Labral Tears
Hamstring tears in hikers, bikers, runners and more
Hip arthritis
Avascular necrosis

Dr. Turner is also proud to partner with Greyledge Biotech. This partnership gives us the unique ability to collect data regarding your outcomes, helping us to distinguish what is indicated and not indicated by your blood draw and provide a fully customized PRP treatment experience. If you’d like to learn more about the platelet rich plasma injection process for arthritis, tendon tears, and other orthopedic conditions of the hip, Dr. Turner is happy to discuss your questions and concerns with you. If you’re ready to try PRP therapy for yourself, don’t wait. Reach out and schedule your first consultative appointment with us today.

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Orthobiologic Hip Pain Treatment FAQ

What are the most common hip conditions?

Some of the most common hip conditions Dr. Turner sees at his practice include:

  • Bursitis aka Gluteal Tendinopathy
  • Labral Tears
  • Hamstring tears in hikers, bikers, runners and more
  • Hip arthritis
  • Avascular necrosis

Can Dr. Turner provide prolotherapy for my hip condition?

Yes! Dr. Turner is also a prolotherapy specialist. Prolotherapy can be used to relieve pain in the joints and ligaments in the hips, and it works by injecting a small, harmless amount of an irritating substance into the affected area. This irritant will cause a controlled type of inflammation in your hip, and once this inflammation is reduced, your pain will be relieved, and your body’s natural healing process will be stimulated. If you’d like to learn more about prolotherapy for your hip pain, reach out to Dr. Turner today.

Can Dr. Turner provide steroid injections for hip pain relief?

While Dr. Turner strongly recommends other types of non-invasive therapies to treat injuries and conditions of the hip for long-term results, he is capable of providing steroid injections as part of his practice. 

Will I need physical therapy after my treatment?

While not all orthobiologic procedures require physical therapy afterwards, Dr. Turner has often seen patients who get PRP therapy have increased success with rehabilitation in the weeks after their treatment even when it was difficult beforehand. Physical therapy can be a vital, impossible-to-skip part of your recovery from whatever condition or injury brought you to Dr. Turner’s office in the first place. Dr. Turner’s practice is proud to stand with our patients through every step of their recovery, and we’re proud to offer cutting-edge rehab and prehab therapies -- including blood flow restriction therapy -- that you won’t find elsewhere in Peachtree City. For patients who travel for treatment, ask about our digital rehab solution with Amp Recover. To learn more about our physical therapy support capabilities, reach out to Dr. Turner.