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Shatter Your Limits with Dr. Turner and the Misogi Tribe

Misogi Health: For Master’s Athletes

In the traditional sports healthcare system, meaningful preventative health is often a low priority, and many patients are left feeling more like a number than an individual. Even concierge practices tend to order a slew of unnecessary tests for patients at exorbitant costs with little expertise in sports performance or evidence basis.

Many athletes suffer under this system, but particularly the "Master’s Athlete:" an athlete older than 35 years who either trains for or takes part in athletic competitions often specifically designed for older participants. This is the age at which cardiovascular issues tend to become a serious risk, and yet many physicians lack the sports performance expertise to properly treat and train them.

This is where Dr. Trevor Turner and Misogi Health come in. Dr. Turner is an orthopedic physician who specializes in helping athletes optimize their performance and health through evidence-based genomics, bloodwork, recovery biometrics, microbiome assessment, mindfulness, movement efficiency, and supplementation when necessary. Misogi Health is a precision care platform designed to help Master's Athletes prevent and recover from injuries while maximizing their performance. By utilizing the Misogi Health method, Dr. Turner provides an individualized and comprehensive approach to each patient that is tailored to their unique needs.

If you're an athlete looking beyond the “standard of care” for true health optimization and peak performance, the Misogi Health platform is the leading-edge program you're looking for. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Trevor Turner today and see the results for yourself.

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Evidence-Based Preventive Care & Sports Medicine in Atlanta

What Does Misogi Mean for You?

The word misogi comes from a Japanese Shinto practice of ritual purification. In the ritual, the participants wash their bodies in sacred waterfalls, lakes, and rivers. More recently, the word misogi means difficult challenges in nature. The aim is to “clean off” the “contamination” caused by modern conveniences.

In misogi we’re using the artificial, contrived concept of going out and doing a hard task to mimic these challenges that humans used to face all the time. These challenges that our environment used to naturally show us that we’re so removed from now. Then when we return to the Wild West of our everyday lives we are better for it. We have the right tools for the job.

Comprehensive Health Support for Athletes Over 35

How Does Misogi Health Work?

Dr. Turner’s Misogi Health platform operates on seven main components:

    • Care: Patients have better accountability and communication when expert care is delivered by both a health coach and an MD/NP. Visits are an hour long, and you’ll have genuine dialogue with the team instead of being ignored behind a keyboard and referred out to a hoard of specialists. We partner with Premier Sports Psychology for select patients.
    • Genomics: Using a simple saliva analysis, patients receive a DNA-based blueprint of how to optimize diet, exercise, sleep, neurobehavioral tendencies, chronic disease risk, and longevity..
    • Biometrics: Entering the modern world of data-driven care and personalization, we make use of wearable tools to determine what habits and processes result in maximizing a patient’s goals while minimizing their risk..
    • Diagnostics: Population health has often focused on metrics that are incomplete or misguided in determining the true sickness-wellness-fitness continuum. We utilize Dexa scan, resting metabolic rate, and VO2 Max to generate data that truly reflects your health..
    • Bloodwork: At preferred cost pricing with LabCorp, patients can receive customized labs at the convenience of their home/workplace or any participating LabCorp location..
    • Nutrition: We perform gut microbiome testing to determine your ideal genetic diet and how to avoid foods that cause inflammation. Supplements: Using an actionable data-driven approach based upon all of the data obtained above, we offer supplements with Thorne that are routinely reviewed and discounted for our patients..

    Have questions about Misogi Health? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Turner and his team. We’ll discuss your specific goals and help you decide whether Misogi is the right fit for you.