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Miami, Florida’s Top Regenerative Medicine Specialist 

Orthobiologic Treatments for Pain Relief

Treatment options for orthopedic pain have never been so advanced. With the help of orthobiologics, minimally-invasive solutions have become available to the general public, not just for all-star athletes or the wealthy. These amazing solutions often require little to no surgery, and they can significantly reduce the time you spend recovering from your injury or condition. But as the availability of cell therapy treatments increases, so does the need for patients to choose wisely about visiting an experienced, evidence-based orthopedic specialist they can truly trust. 

At The Genomic Athlete, Dr. Trevor Turner is proud to specialize in orthobiologics, allowing him to offer his patients natural, same day procedures in a legitimate medical environment. Instead of defaulting to surgery or introducing something foreign into your body, regenerative medicine utilizes your own cells to enhance the natural processes your body uses to heal itself. The two primary types of orthobiologics offered by Dr. Turner and his team are:

  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP)
  • Stem cell injections (BMAC)

If you’re curious about the orthobiologics offered by Dr. Turner’s office, keep reading to learn more and don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Turner with any further questions. If you’re ready to try regenerative medicine and find relief with the least invasive treatment possible, don’t hesitate -- reach out to The Genomic Athlete and schedule your first consultation appointment today.

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PRP Injection Specialist - Miami, FL

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy | Non Operative Treatments

One of the most popular forms of regenerative medicine Dr. Trevor Turner provides at his practice is platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Here’s how it works: a nurse will draw your blood, and an expert technician will process it in the on-site sterile laboratory. The plasma will then be reinjected at the site of the affected tissue or cartilage using ultrasound or X-Ray guidance. This can help your body naturally set a new foundation for recovery, as well as reduce inflammation and relieve pain in the affected area.

Dr. Turner’s practice is unique in the fact that he doesn’t use an off-the-shelf medical device to produce generic PRP with lower platelets or unknown quality. An experienced Greyledge Biotech technician delivers the highest quality PRP custom tailored to your age, medical condition, and injury pattern. Data is collected on our patients’ outcomes over time in order to deliver the highest standard of treatment possible. 

If you’d like to learn more about whether platelet rich plasma can work for you, Dr. Turner is happy to discuss your questions and concerns. If you’re ready to try PRP therapy for yourself, don’t wait. Reach out and schedule your first consultative appointment with us today.

Stem Cell Injection Specialist - Miami, FL

Stem Cell Therapy | Alternative Medicine in Miami

Adult “Stem Cells” from bone marrow are the type we use to treat orthopedic injuries. The name was first coined by Dr. Arnold Caplan in 1991 “Mesenchymal Stem Cells” or MSCs for short. The MSCs from bone marrow act like a powerful drug store in a tiny package. These stem cells release powerful signals that help the body provide anti-inflammatory effects, send positive signals to the immune system, stop cell death, and even improve blood flow.

While only a small percentage of bone marrow has MSCs, stem cells remain in higher numbers as we age in the back of the hip bone (pelvis). After numbing a patient so they do not feel any pain, Dr. Turner takes these cells from the hip, and an experienced technician sorts out the unwanted material to get the maximum number of MSCs possible in a sterile processing laboratory. Every sample is then carefully analyzed for high quality before being delivered back into the patient, which is critical to ensuring that our patients have the best long term outcomes. 

Next, Dr. Turner uses a combination of sound waves (ultrasound) and X-rays (fluoroscopy) to very precisely guide your own stem cells back into the area of injury in a same day procedure. We call this FDA-compliant procedure Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate or BMAC for short. If you’d like to learn more about stem cell therapy, reach out to Dr. Turner to discuss your questions and concerns. If you’re ready to find a minimally-invasive, long-term solution to your orthopedic pain, schedule your first appointment with us today.

PRP Injections FAQ

What areas of the body can orthobiologics treat?

Orthobiologics can help in the treatment of a wide variety of orthopedic conditions and injuries. Dr. Turner employs regenerative medicine to treat joints in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankle, feet, and spine. To learn more about the specific conditions for which Dr. Turner recommends PRP and stem cell therapies, be sure to read our reference pages highlighting the specific part of the body you’d like to learn more about.

Can Dr. Turner provide prolotherapy?

Yes! Dr. Turner is also a prolotherapy specialist. Prolotherapy can be used to relieve pain in the joints and ligaments by injecting a small, harmless amount of an irritating substance into the affected area. This irritant will cause a controlled type of inflammation in the area, and once this inflammation is reduced, your pain will be relieved, and your body’s natural healing process will be stimulated. If you’d like to learn more about prolotherapy, reach out to Dr. Turner today.

Does Dr. Turner provide steroid injections?

While Dr. Turner strongly recommends other types of non-invasive therapies to treat orthopedic injuries and conditions for long-term results, he is capable of providing steroid injections as part of his practice. Dr. Turner is also able to provide hyaluronic acid (viscosupplementation) injections to patients who are interested.

Will I undergo anaesthesia during my orthobiologic therapy?

The answer to this question varies with the therapy you’ve chosen. While most PRP injections can be performed using local numbing agents with little pain or discomfort, some patients prefer to be anesthetized while Dr. Turner uses the needle for an additional charge.

Stem cell and bone marrow concentrate therapies may require anesthesia, which is included in the consolidated price.