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Peachtree City, GA’s Trusted Orthopedic Knee Doctor

Telemedicine For Medical Travel Consultations

If you’ve been struggling with an orthopedic condition, the aftermath of an injury, or chronic pain that detracts from your quality of life, you may have looked everywhere around you for solutions that are long-term, effective, and accessible. The fact is, sometimes the care you need just isn’t close to home -- but that doesn’t mean you should ever settle for less than the best.

Dr. Trevor Turner is proud to offer telemedicine consultations and other accommodating services to those who are interested in traveling to his practice from outside the Peachtree City, GA area. Using our online platform, you can have a comprehensive, virtual consultation with Dr. Turner from the safety and comfort of your home, anywhere in the country. If you decide to proceed in person with Dr. Turner’s treatment plan, our team can help make your travel as simple, convenient and cost-effective as possible.

Dr. Turner’s facility is in close proximity to ATL International Airport, less than a 30-minute drive away. Should you need transportation, let us know, and Dr. Turner and his team can help you acquire services from Lyft Health. Dr. Turner can also help by offering a preferred rate for any guests who wish to travel for care and stay at the Peachtree City Hotel and Conference Center.

Get Started

Don’t let distance or the fear of cost deter you from receiving the high-quality, data-based orthopedic care you deserve. Schedule your online consultation with Dr. Trevor Turner and get started today!

As a specialist in orthobiologics and a strong believer in data-driven, cutting-edge medicine, Dr. Trevor Turner will always use the latest technology available to make your patient experience the absolute best it can be.

Patients who are receiving virtual consultations before and after traveling to receive care from Dr. Turner will have the benefit of using AMP Recover, an online virtual diagnostic platform designed to optimize our practice’s digital rehab solutions. In order to make your remote rehabilitation period as connected, effective and personalized as possible, AMP Recover will:

  • Deliver a Modern Care Experience: Over 1000 easy-to-follow exercise videos will be delivered directly to your mobile device, tablet or computer.
  • Keep You Engaged: In-app notifications and reminders will help keep you on track and engaged in your recovery.
  • Keep You Connected: Through the app, you can field questions and concerns to Dr. Turner in real time through HIPAA compliant messaging.
  • Empower You Through Education: You’ll receive support throughout your rehabilitation with educational content.
  • If you have questions about how AMP Recoverworks as part of a customized treatment plan with Dr. Turner, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more!